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LightGallery Album


LightGallery is a lightbox style slideshow with many options and lots of transition types. Options appear in the top right of the screen.
This widget is for creating an image album - rather than a gallery. An album launches a slideshow with several images from a single thumbnail which can have an optional caption.
Using albums, any amount of images can be categorised and accessed from one page and the images.
One of the options is to include a download link. This can also be configured as a link to open an email with subject line for clients to request info relating to that image. The link is entered into a data attribute and it should be set to "false" to remove the download button for any image. When a URL is inserted, the download icon will appear second from the right in the control bar when that image is selected in the slider.
The slider has a play/pause button in the control bar but can also be set to autoplay in the widget settings along with the slide time.
The control bar also allows zoom in/out and fullscreen.
Album [1] Image [2] has the download link configured to open an email with the subject line containing the image title so that visitors can make inquires about a particular image or the item displayed in the image. Enter this into the URL box and change the email address and subject line.

mailto:me@gmail.com?subject=Album [1] Image [2]

The albums on this page show the thumbnail with and without a caption and with the fullscreen option.
Clicking the zoom in button while in fullscreen mode will cause the image to fill the screen. This is quite spectacular when viewed on an iMac 27 Retina. Clicking the zoom in again will start to zoom in on the center of the image which is useful when looking for needles in haystacks.
Clicking the Play button in album one will show the optional progress bar.

LightGallery Image Album widget
LightGallery Album Widget
LightGallery Album Widget

Widget Settings

Select the thumbnail image, check the box if a caption is required and enter it using the HTML5 line break <br> to create returns.
Enter the font family name, check the box if it is Google hosted and set a suitable web safe fallback font.
Set the font size, color, background color and its opacity.
Adjust the padding and bottom padding.
Set the text align and set the line height if the caption returns to two or more lines.
Set the border with, color and radius if required.
Set the box shadow color and radius if required.


Choose the first large image and enter the heading, descriptive text and a URL if required.
Leave the URL box empty to allow image download or enter a URL to link the image to another page or site.
If neither a link nor image download is required, type false into the box.
Choose the remaining images and highlight each file name in turn to add the title, info and a URL or disallow download.


Choose the transition type and set the transition time in tenths of a second.
Check the options for Full Screen, Counter and Autoplay if required.
Set the slide time in seconds for autoplay.
Check the box to show the progress bar in autoplay mode.

This widget is included in the Album & Gallery widget pack.

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