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The gallery thumbnails are generated from the full size image and arranged in rows. Once the thumbnail width and height is set in the widget settings and the spacing and padding added, they can be arranged columns by adjusting the widget's overall width by dragging and then fine tuning using the Metrics inspector.
Both the thumbnails and the full size images can have a caption. In the case of the full size image, this is derived from the title attribute and can extend to the width of the image.
ALL the thumbnail captions need to be the same length - either no caption, one line caption, two line captionand so on …
The lightbox slideshow opens in autoplay and the slide time can be set in seconds. On hover shows a play/pause button for switching to manual mode using the back/forward arrows or swiping on both desktop and mobile devices.
There is a choice of transition types and the transition in and out times can be set in tenths of a second.

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Lightcase Image Gallery

This widget is included in the Album & Gallery widget pack.

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