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LightGallery Image Gallery


LightGallery is a full featured image gallery with many options and 31 slideshow transition types.
The gallery thumbnails are generated from the full size image and arranged in rows. They can be arranged in columns by adjusting the widget's overall width by dragging and then fine tuned using the Metrics inspector.
The thumbnail captions slide up on hover and then scroll if the caption is wider than the image.
One of the options is to include a download link. This can also be configured as a link to open an email with subject line for clients to request info relating to that image. The link is entered into a data attribute and it should be set to "false" to remove the download button for any image. When a URL is inserted, the download icon will appear second from the right in the control bar when that image is selected in the slider.
The slider has a play/pause button in the control bar but can also be set to autoplay in the widget settings along with the slide time.
The control bar also allows zoom in/out and fullscreen. Zoom is also available at fullscreen to zoom in on the detail of an image.
The download link can be configured to open an email with the subject line containing the image title so that visitors can make inquires about a particular image or the item displayed in the image. Enter this into the URL box and change the email address and subject line.

mailto:me@gmail.com?subject=Album [1] Image [2]

LightGallery Image Gallery

This widget is included in the Album & Gallery widget pack.

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