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Responsive Strip Gallery


The strip gallery is a responsive thumbnail grid with one to four rows. Each row has three square thumbnails and a rectangular one which is double width. The "Big" thumbnail can be inserted at any point in the row.
In this example, the thumbnail images are cropped to 300px square and the "Big" thumbs are 600px wide by 300 px in height.
The full size images can be any size or aspect ratio - within reason. In this example the images have varying height and a width of 1200px.
The full size image slideshow has arrow navigation which disappears on touch devices to be replaced by finger swiping. When viewed on computers, the slides can be changed by grab and drag.
The image captions can be styled as can their background and its opacity. The captions can be positioned top/ bottom left/right.
The lightbox overlay can be styled for color and opacity.
In this example page, the content width is set to 800px so the grid will be responsive down to about the width of an iPad. The maximum width setting wil control the expansion on large screens with wide browser settings and can be set to around 3000px for a fully responsive grid.

Strip Gallery

This widget is included in the Album & Gallery widget pack.

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