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Swiper Gallery


The gallery thumbnails are generated from the full size image and arranged in rows. Once the thumbnail width and height is set in the widget settings and the spacing and padding added, they can be arranged in columns by adjusting the widget's overall width by dragging and then fine tuning using the Metrics inspector.
The same caption is used for both the thumbnail and the large image. In the case of the thumb caption, it slides up on hover and will scroll if the caption length is wider than the thumbnail image.
The slideshow has a controlbar with play/pause button, back/forward arrows and a close button and another bar with the caption. The position of these bars can be flipped if required. The slideshow can also be set to autoplay if necessary.
The full size images can be set to fit, fit with no upscale or zoom.

Swiper Gallery
Swiper Gallery Widget

Widget Settings

Choose the images and highlight each file name in turn to add the caption.
Enter the required thumbnail width and height and set the background color and the overall box shadow color and radius.
Set the thumbnail caption font, size, color, background color and its opacity.
Set the slideshow caption font, size and color.
Set the toolbar fade time in seconds.
Check the box to switch the position of the toolbar and the caption if required.
Check the box if autoplay is required and set the slide time in seconds.
Select the method by which the slideshow image will be scaled.
"fitNoUpscale" keeps the image at its original size, "fit" scales the image to fill the width and "zoom" makes the image fill the browser.

This widget is included in the Album & Gallery widget pack.

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