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Responsive Website System

To see the responsive nature of this website design when viewed on a computer, adjust the browser width. Firefox is the best browser for this as it will reduce down to the width of a smart phone screen. Check out one of the directory pages to see how the two level mobile navigation works.

EverWeb Flex widgets should be regard as a system rather than a bunch of widgets for creating separate items.
The widgets work together to create a responsive website design which is suitable for viewing in computers, tablets and smart phones. This is achieved by using dynamic content along with media queries to change the layout to suit different browser/device screens widths.

A purely dynamic site is not desirable since the content will spread out too far when the visitor is using a large screen and a wide browser setting. To control this, each of the content widgets has a maximum setting for the content width and another for the media content.
Why two settings? In most cases, the text can be allowed to spread out farther than the media content. If, for example, a slideshow or a video was allowed to spread out uncontrolably, the quality would degrade when viewed on a device an iMac 27 or the image file sizes would need to be huge. It has to be taken into account that these same images are going to be seen by a visitor using an iPhone and a bunch of 3000px wide images are far to large to download via a cell phone network!

EverWeb Flex Responsive Website Widgets

Responsive or Not?

Before deciding to use a responsive design, it's imporant to realise their limitations. Just about all the convenience of drag and drop - and the ability to place items anywhere - is lost. Responsive designs need careful and thorough planning and, if a client is involved, they need to be aware of what can't be done.
Neat freaks who yearn for layout grids and spend hours lining up trivial items should stay clear of responsive designs - it will drive them insane!
Less experienced EverWeb users - and those who are creating a large site - would be better to build a TriSite using the Touch widgets. Use the tab links to find out more about this method of creating a website which creates a good user experience on all devices.

One Level Or Two?

Flex widgets can create a simple, single level website of up to about twelve pages or a more complex one with directories and a much larger number of pages.
Those who have only basic experience with designing websites with EverWeb or who have a limited knowledge of HTML5 and CSS should start with a single level site. Click (or tap) the BASIC tab in the navigation for more info and instructions and then click the FLEX tab to get back to here.

Flex XT Extension Widgets

The XT widgets allow more content to be added to pages using a master page into which up to three items created on child pages can be inserted via responsive iframes. Check out the Flex XT section of this site for more info.

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