Disqus Comments Modal

Fixed Width & Height

This widget differes from the Full Width Disqus Comments widget in that it displays the comments in a modal which has a fixed width and height and scrolling content.
As with the other comments widget, it only requires the user to enter the Disqus shortname and set a few styles.
Click the Disqus tab below to set up comments.
For instructions on setting up the modal button and general instructions about the modals, click the "Modal Tab Setup" button.

Full Width Modal Tab Settings

Widget Settings

Enter the Disqus shortname and set the font color, background color and overall padding.
Set the modal width and height. Unless there is a sparate version of the website for tablet devices, the modal width should not exceed 770px.
Set the modals border and/or box shadow if required.

Full Width Modal Comments Widget

This widget is included in the Full Width Addons widget pack.

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