Modal Contact Form

Form Setup

Before attempting this project click the "Form Setup" button below and read the pages about Form Info, Script, Settings and reCaptcha.
For instructions on setting up the modal button and general instructions about the modals, click the "Modal Tab Setup" button.

Full Width Modal Form Settings

Widget Settings

Set the form width and enter the recipient email address and the response subject.
Drag the edited ewForm.php script into the EverWeb Assets List. Select the file, right click it to copy the relative file path and then paste this into the "PHP Script" box.
Enter the form's legend and check the box to display it if required.
Enter the names for the name and email field if necessary.
To show the phone number field, check the box and enter the name if required.
Enter the message box title and set its height.
Enter the text for the form submit button.
Set the form font, font size and the legend font size.
Set the font color and the form background color.
Set the fieldset border color, width and corner radius.
Set the submit button border width and radius.

To add reCaptch to the form, check all three boxes and enter the Site Key code. Make sure that the Private Key code has been added to the ewForm.php script.

Full Width Modal Contact Form Widget
Contact Form
Contact Form

This widget is included in the Full Width Addons widget pack.

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