MP4 Video Modal

Auto Start & Stop

The responsive video modal has a maximum width setting and allows for the video to play on open if requires.
There is also an option to add a poster image which will be seen when the modal is opened and autoplay is not selected. There are checkboxes for show/hide controls, show the video title, autoplay and loop.
For instructions on setting up the modal button and general instructions about the modals, click the "Modal Tab Setup" button.

Full Width Modal Tab Settings

Widget Settings

Choose the MP4 video from the Assets List.
Enter the video title.
If the video is to be set for manual play, choose the poster image which must have the same aspect ration as the video file.
Enter the video maximum width and height. Note: These dimensions must be derived from the video fi;e's aspect ratio.
Set the opacity of the modal overlay if required.
Check the boxes to add the various functions.

Full Width MP4 Video Modal Widget
MP4 Video

This widget is included in the Full Width Addons widget pack.

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