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The scrollbox has a responsive width and fixed height with scrolling content. This overcomes the problem of using responsive containers which are fixed in position and may overlap items below them at narrow browser settings.
The box contains text content with an optional heading, An image can be added and this can be full width or set to a percentage width to allow the text to wrap.

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Our latest generation 18-in, 20-out USB audio interface can handle just about anything your band or studio can throw at it. Beautiful and rack mountable, it gives you loads of I/O, pristine sound quality, separate stereo headphone mixes, extensive expansion options and round-trip latency as low as 2.74ms*, all in a 1U space.

Clipped signals ruin good takes. That's why we put eight LED bargraph meters on the front panel, to make it as easy as possible to keep an eye on your signal levels.

Scarlett 18i20 puts eight natural-sounding combination inputs at your disposal. We put two on the front, where you need them most, with newly designed instrument inputs that can handle even the hottest signals. We put six more on the back, so you can leave your mics, synths, keyboards, mixers and effects processors permanently plugged in and ready to go.

If that isn’t enough for you, connect an eight-channel mic pre like the Focusrite OctoPre Mk II to the ADAT input for a total of 16 analogue inputs. Add the two channels of digital audio via S/PDIF and 16 channels of MIDI, and you can record just about anything you want.

All eight analogue inputs feature pristine and natural sounding Scarlett preamps, backed by 30 years of design experience and found in the world’s top studios. These guarantee exceptional headroom, plenty of clean gain, low noise, minimal distortion and a dynamic range that is unrivalled in this class.

We’ve redesigned Scarlett 18i20's instrument inputs and given them plenty of extra headroom, so you can handle extreme levels without any unwanted clipping or distortion. If you’re recording extra loud instruments, you can also engage the 10dB pad in Focusrite Control software.

Full Width Scroll Box
Full Width Scrollbox

Widget Settings

Check the "Full Width" box in the Metrics inspector and set the maximum width and the height of the box.
Enter the title and check the box to show the scroll arrow if required.
Enter the font name, check the box of it is Google hosted and select a suitable web safe fallback font.
Set the title font size, color and background color.

Check the box to display an image if required, choose the image, enter alt text and adjust its width.

Check the box to display a heading if required and enter it.
Enter the text and set the heading and text font sizes, font color and the background color and its opacity.
Set the overall padding and the paragraph text line height.
Set the container border width and color and/or box shadow radius and color if required.

This widget is included in the Full Width Addons widget pack.

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