Modal Slideshow

Auto Start - Play/Pause

The slideshow opens in a modal and can be manually played using the back/forward arrows. If left to its own devices it will autoplay and there is a play/pause button in the center which appears on mouse over.
Each image has a caption and the images can have varying aspect ratio.
The slide time and transition in/out times and the transition type are variable and there are controls for turning on sequence numbers and swipe on touch devices.
The slides play automatically and there is a play/pause button which shows on hover. In pause mode, the slides can be navigated using the directional arrows or swipe on tablet devices.

Full Width Modal Slider

Widget Settings

Choose the first image and enter its caption.
Select the remaining images and highlight each file name in turn to add the caption.
Set the slideshow maximum width and height.
Set the slide time in seconds.
Choose the transition type and set the speed in and speed out in tenths of a second.
Check the boxes to display the sequent numbers and enable swipe.
Adjust the modal overlay opacity if required.

Full Width Modal Slideshow Widget
Full Width Modal Slideshow

This widget is included in the Full Width Addons widget pack.

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