Text Content Modal


The modal has controls for fixing the height and setting a maximum width. If the content is too much to be displayed in the window, the overflow is hidden and this alows the window to scroll.
The window has an HTML heading and a paragraph. As with all other widgets, returns are created using the HTML5 line break <br>. Use the HTML for special characters such as &amp; for an ampersand, &quot; for quotes, &lt; for < and &gt; for >.

Full Width Modal Tab Settings

Widget Settings

Set the modal's maximum width and its height.
Enter the heading and text content.
Enter the font family name, check the box if it is Google hosted and select a suitable web safe fallback font.
Set the font color and the modal window background color.
Set the heading text size, the paragraph text font size and the line height.Set the overall padding if required.
To add a border, set its width, color and the corner radius if required.
To add a box shadow, set its color and radius.
For instructions on setting up the modal button and general instructions about the modals, click the link below.

Full Width Text Content Modal Widget
Text Modal

What Is A Widget?

An EverWeb widget inserts code for a specific item and provides controls for the user adjustable settings. This allows users with little or no knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript to insert failrly complicated items into web pages.

Installing Widgets
Open the download folder and double click each widget in turn.
Click OK in the popup each time.
Quit and relaunch EverWeb.
Your new widget will now be seen in the Widgets section in the right sidebar of the EverWeb window.
Now delete the download folder.

Uninstall Widgets
Third party widgets are installed in the user library …
~ library/Application Support/EverWeb/Widgets
Hold down the option key while in the Finder Go menu to reveal the user library folder.
To get rid of unwanted widgets that you have installed, browse to the Widgets folder and drag then out onto the desktop.

Using Widgets
Every widget has a page on the EverWeb Codebox website showing an example of the item, the widget settings panel and step by step instructions on setting it up.
About 99% of user problems stem from not taking the time to read and understand the instructions.
NOTE: The smarter you think you are - the more likely it is that you will make a mistake.
The more you know about one particular subject - the less you are likely to know about all the rest.

Full Width Modal Tab Settings

This widget is included in the Full Width Addons widget pack.

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