Scroll Image Link

The image is placed in an HTML5 figure element with a figcaption. The figcaption element is a link to an internal or external page or file which can open in a new window if required..
The item can be positioned relative to the left or right of the browser edge. It can be fixed in position using the contro in the Metrics inspector or move with the rest of the content.
There is an "X" button so that it can be can be closed on click. Vary the browser width to see the responsive action and how the link can be hidden when viewed on a tablet device.

Scroll Image Link widget
Full Width Scroll Image Link Widget

Widget Settings

Check the full width box in the Metrics inspector and enter the required image width.
Choose the image and enter alt text and the link caption.
Select the "Link to:" page or check the box for an external link and enter the URL.
Check the box if either type of link is to open in a new window.
Choose a font and set its size, color and background color.
Set the hover and background hover colors.
Set the text decoration and text align.
If the caption runs to two or more lines, use <br> for returns and adjust the line height to suit.
Select the position - left or right - and set the spacing from the left or right of the browser edge.
Set a border and/or box shadow if required.
Using the "Arrange" menu, bring the widget to the front of other items before publishing.
if the item is to be fixed, check the "Fixed position" box in the Metrics inspector.
Check the last box in the widget settings to hide the link when the page is viewed on a tablet device if required.

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This widget is included in the Full Width widget pack.