Full Width Fixed Height Image Scroller

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A full width, fixed height image scroller with time out or pause on hover.
Each image can have a caption, alt text and be created as a hyperlink. The hyperlinks have the option to open in a new window.
The captions can be visible all the time as shown in this example or appear only on hover.
The scroller can have a border and an adjustable image spacer if required.

Full Width Scroller Widget
Full Width Image Hyperlink Scroller

Widget Settings

Enter the image width and height.
Choose the images and then highlight each image file name in turn to add a caption and alt text.
If the image is to be a hyperlink, enter the URL and check the box if it is to open in a new window.
Drag the widght to the required height and check the "Full width" box in the Metrics inspector.
Choose the caption font family and set its size and color.
Set the background color and its opacity.
Set the caption position left or right, its distance from the left or right and the distance up from the bottom of the image.
Check the box if the caption is to appear only on hover.
Set the scroll speed - 1 is fast and 10 is slow.
Set the time out if the scroller is to stop at every slide.
Set a slide spacer width and color if required.
If a border around the scroller is required, set its width and color.

This widget is included in the Full Width widget pack.

Full Width Scroller Widget

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