Full width fixed height slideshow

Full Width Fixed Slider

Manual or Autoplay

This is a straight forward slideshow with options to autoplay and manual play using the pager dots. The pager can be positioned top, left center or right or bottom left, center or right - or hidden.
For autoplay, a start delay, slide time can be set. Transition time is also adjustable.

The images in this example are 2000px wide by 600px in height. This width is required for when the page is viewed owith a wide browser setting on a large screen such as an iMac 27.

Full Width Carousel Widget
Full Width Slideshow

Widget Settings

Set the required height using a drag handle or the Metrics inspector,.
Set the background color and check the "Full width" box in the Metrics inspector.
Choose the images or drag them altogether from a Finder folder and drop them onto the widget's Asset List.
Highlight each file name in turn to add alt text.
Check the box to show the pager if required.
Set the pager position and its margin.
Check the box for autoplay.
For autoplay, set a start delay time and a slide time in seconds.
Set the transition time in tenths fo a second.
If the slider is required to be fixed like the example on this page, check the "Fixed position" box in the Metrics inspector.

This widget is included in the Full Width widget pack.

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