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EverWeb Widgets HTML5

Image Cube

Image Cube External Link Widget
Rotating Image Cube 3D effect Image Cube Rotating Cube Banner Image Cube Auto Slider Variable Rotate Direction Variable slide time and transition speed.
Rotating Image Cube Widget

Rotating Image Cube

A 3D effect rotating image cube website auto play banner with variable direction of rotation left, right, up, down or random.
The slide time and transition time can be varied along with the degree of of 3D effect.
There are two settings for altering the 3D effect reduction and expansion.
Reduction is the number of pixels by which the back edges of the cube are reduced to create the 3D effect.
Expansion is the number of pixels by which the front edge of the cube is expanded to create the 3D effect.
The cube can have a boder with optional rounded corners to help increase the visual effect.

Widget settings

Choose the images one by one using the Choose button or drag them in all at once from a Finder folder onto the Assets List in the widget settings.
Highlight each image file name in turn and enter alt text for SEO.
Set the background color, border width, color and corner radius if required.
Choose the direction of rotation.
Set the slide time in seconds and the transition time in tenths of a second.
Adjust the values for Reduction and Expansion to suit the image size.

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Image Cube Widget
Image Cube Internal Link Widget
Rotating Image Cube Internal Hyperlink Widget
Rotating Image Cube External Hyperlink Widget


The whole cube can be set as a hyperlink but NOT the individual images.
Alternative versions of the widget are available for either an internal or an external hyperlink - both of which can open in a new window if required.
The optional settings are shown to the right.