EverWeb Widgets HTML5

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These first four widgets create a single animation on text or an image on page load or on hover.

Animate a paragraph or HTML heading on page load.

Animation Widgets

Text Animation On Page Load
Image Animation on Page Load
Text Mouseover Animation
Image Hover Animation

Animate a paragraph of with hyperlink on hover.

Animate an image on page load.

Animate an image on hover.

These two widgets are building blocks for creating multiple animations...

Animated image basic building block.

Animated text basic building block.

Text Animation Building Block
Image Animation Building Block

Widgets to create various text, image and graph animations.

Spinning Image Animation
Animation HTML Heading Color Change

Spinning image animation with clockwise/anti clockwise direction & hyperlink if required.

HTML heading color animation. Up to four color changes over time.

Progress Bar Animation
Bar Graph Animation

Animate progress bar with variable start/end, delay and repeat options.

Animated bar graph module to create bar graphs with varying color and time settings.

Infinite Blinking HTML Heading Widget
Textillate Text Animation Sequence Widget

Flashing HTML text heading with variable duration and iteration count from zero to infinity.

Animated text - in and out - using CSS animation and the Textillate jQuery plugin.


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