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Image Animation on Page Load

Animate An Image On Page Load

Animated Image Hyperlink

This widget will animate an image on page load. The image can also have alt text for SEO and be a hyperlink. The hyperlink can be set to open in a new window if required.

Widget Settings

Animate Image on Page Load Widget
Animate Image On Page Load
Animate Image On Page Load

Widget Settings

Select the image and adjust it to the required size using the drag handles or the Metrics inpsector. Enter alt text for SEO.
If the image is required to be a hyperlink, enter the relative or absolute path to a page or file and check the box if the hyperlink is to open in a new window.
See THIS page for more info about file paths.
Choose the animation type and then enter the animation duration which is expressed in seconds.
NOTE that the image will do something weird when the animation duration is set so this should be left until last.

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