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Spinning Image Hyperlink

Spinning Image Animation

Forward/Backward Spin

The widget creates a continuously spinning image which stops on hover. The spin direction can be clockwise or anti clockwise and the image can be a hyperlink. The hyperlink can be set to open in a new window if required.
The example below has two images - one set on top of the other. The larger one is set to run clockwise and the smaller one - which forms the hub - runs in the reverse direction..
Either image can be stopped by hovering it. Each one is set as a hyperlink - one to open in a new window and the other in the same window..
The duration is in seconds and is the time for one revolution. The larger the value for duration - the slower the speed. The actual speed is also related to the image size.

clockwise spin
anti-clockwise spinning image animation

Forward/Backward Spin

The widget settings are self explanatory apart from the Radius control. This adds a border radius which is expressed as a percentage rather a fixed number of pixels.
Sliding it fully to the right adds a 50% border radius to the image. This will convert a square image to round and a rectangular one to an oval. Amounts less than 50% will round the image corners to a greater or lesser degree.
If the image being used is round in the first place the Radius control can be left at zero.

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