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Text Mouseover Animation

Animate Text On Hover

Animate A Text Hyperlink

This widget's main purpose is to add animation to a text hyperlink but can also be used on a paragraph without a link simply by ommitting the link text.

Hover for the rubber band effect and click HERE to open this page in a new window.

Widget Settings

Enter the pre link text, link text of required and nay post link text.
Adjust the widget size using the drag handles or the Metrics inspector.
Enter the URL for the hyperlink as a relative or absolute file path and check the box if the link is to open in a new window.
See THIS page for more info about file paths.
Select the font family from the list of web safe fonts.
Set the text size and color. The hyperlink text can be styled with a contrasting color, style and weight.
Set the link text underline.
Choose the animation effect.

Widget Settings

Animate Text On Hover Widget
Animate Text On Hover
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