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Create A Content Slider The Easy Way

Creating a slider which displays content other than images usually requires a knowledge of HTML and CSS and can be time consuming to create.
This widget allows the slides to be made on EverWeb pages and then displays them in the slider using pure Voodoo.
The content pages are created in the same project file as the web page. Each one should be the same size and named appropriately.
The slider widget width should be set to 20px wider than the content pages and at the same height. This height also needs to be entered into the widget settings.
The slider can have a box shadow with variable radius and color if required.
The arrows can be positioned at the top, bottom or both and their color can be set.
The first three content pages are obligatory and others can be added by selecting them using the "Link to:" control and checking the box to display them.
The maximum number of slides is twelve which is more than enough for a slider of this type.

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