EverWeb Widgets HTML5

EZ Widgets

EZ widgets allow the user to create items which use fairly complex code. Where appropriate, they use the new control for choosing pages of the site - rather than having to deal with entering relative file paths.

The EZ slide is a mixed content slider which can be created without any knowledge of code. The slides are created as EverWeb pages and then referenced in the slider simply by clicking the "Link to:" selector and choosing the appropriate page.

EZ slide widget
Animated image to text tooltip
Animated image to Image tooltip
Animated text to image tooltip
Animated Text to Text Tooltip

EZ Animated Tooltip Widgets

Tooltips are quite complicated to create and difficult to position correctly. The EZ Tooltips use a jQuery plugin to create animated tooltips which position themselves in relation to the link depending on their position on the page. For example, if there is no room for it to expand up, the tooltip will move down.

There are four widgets for creating the various types of link and tooltip - image to text, image to image, text to image and text to text. The images can also have descriptive captions.

There are a few animation types and the animation delay can also be set.

EZ Tabs widget
ez tabs content widget

The EZ tabs consist of two widgets - one for the tabs and the other for the sliding content pages. This means that the tabs can be either "attached" to the content container or separate and placed anywhere on the page.

EZ accordion widget

The EZ Accordion widget creates a jQuery accordion with content pages created in EverWeb so that a knowledge of code is not required. The accordion can have the first panel open or closed on page load.

Hover & Click Photo Grid Widgets

Hover zoom image grid
Image zoom on click button with hyperlink

Create a photo grid with hover or click to zoom the individual images. The images can be set up using three or four columns.

Image zoom on click button with hyperlink

Click a styled button or a thumbnail image to open an image with animated zoom. The image itself can also be a hyperlink and its size and postion adjusted.

Hover Click image grid
Slim Scroll widget

The slim scroll widget creates a scrolling section which can have a heading , two paragraphs & an image with caption. The scrollbar disappears on mouse out and its color can be customised.