EverWeb Widgets HTML5

EverWeb Widgets HTML5

Image To Text Animated Tooltip

EZ image to text tooltip

Widget Settings

Animate image to Text Tooltip
Image to Text Tooltip

Hover or Click Tooltip

This widget creates an animated text tooltip which appears when a captioned image is moused over on computers or clicked on mobile devices.
The tooltip automatically positions itself in relation to the image depending on where it is on the web page. This avoids the complication of adding positioning info.
There are five built in animation types and the animation delay can be adjusted.

Enter Alt Text For SEO
Hover/Click Tooltip

Widget Settings

Choose the image and adjust it to the required size using the drag handles or the Metrics inspector.
Enter alt text for SEO and a caption if required.
If a box shadow is needed, set its radius and color.
Set the overall font family and the size, color and text align of the image caption.
Enter the tooltip text. Note that this text is entered as HTML so line breaks can be created using <br>.
Enter the required tooltip width.
Set the tooltip border width, corner radius and color.
Set the tooltip background color.
Enter the tooltip text font size and choose the color and text align.
Select an animation type and set its delay in tenths of a second.

Get The Widget


The text in the tooltip is entered into a javascript.
It is essential to NOT use an apostrophe in this text or the widget will break.