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The HTML5 article element is used for self contained content such as latest news, new products and blog entries.
It should be used for any content that can be taken out of the web page and used elsewhere while still making sense.
The article can have a styles header and footer although this is not obligatory.
Adding a box shadow helps to visually separate the it from the rest of the page content and make it easier for the visitor to find, and to focus on, the information contained in it.
Hyperlinks can be styles for color, hover color and text decoration. The options for the latter are underline, none and line through.
Links are inserted into the text box using HTML like this...

<a href="page-name.html">Link Text</a>

If the linked page is to open in a new window, use this...

<a href="page-name.html" target="_blank">Link Text</a>

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