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Many successful commercial web designs utilize content blocks surround by white space to provide information that is easy to find and read.
One type of content block which is often overlooked is the fieldset with legend. This is more usually employed for grouping the separate components of forms but is also a good way to present other types of information.
The widget allows for a legend to provide a heading, an image with alt text and descriptive text.
These are contained by the fieldset which can be styled for width, border type, color and corner radius.
Hyperlinks can be styled for color, hover color and text decoration. The optins for the latter are underline, none and line through.
Links are inserted into the text box using HTML like this...

<a href="page-name.html">Link Text</a>

If the linked page is to open in a new window, use this...

<a href="page-name.html" target="_blank">Link Text</a>

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