EverWeb Widgets HTML5

Image With Caption On Page Load Or Hover

Hide Show Image Caption On Hover

Show/Hide Caption On Load Or Hover

The image is inserted in an HTML5 figure element along with alt text for SEO and a caption which is inserted via the figcaption element.
The caption can be style and placed anywhere on the image.
The widget settings include a checkbox for showing the caption while styling and positioning it in EverWeb. If the box is left checked, the caption will be displayed on page load. Otherwise it should be unchecked before publishing and it will appear on hover.
The image can also be a hyperlink by adding a relative or absolute URL. The widget settings include a checkbox for when the hyperlink is required to open in a new window.

figcaption on hover or page load
Caption can be placed anywhere on the image

Widget Settings

Image Figcaption On CLick
Caption On Hover
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