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HTML5 Figure Link

Image Caption & Hyperlink

The image is inserted into a figure element which also has a figcaption. This, along with the image alt text, produces far better SEO results since the search engine spiders associate the descriptive caption with the image.
The image can then be created as a hyperlink which can open in a new window if required.

Widget Settings

FIgure image figcaption alt text hyperlink
Figure With Hyperlink
Image Figure caption hyperlink
Image inserted in an HTML5 figure with figcaption & hyperlink

Figure Image Link Widget Settings

The widget can use a Google hosted font and provides for a suitable web safe fallback font.
Enter the name of the Google font and check the box. Note that the font name is case sensitive.
Enter a relative or absolute file path and check the box if the link is to open in a new window.

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