EverWeb Widgets HTML5

EverWeb Widgets HTML5

Styled Figure Element

HTML5 figure Image Heading Caption

Figure Element Heading

This figure element takes website images to a new and higher level by provideing a self contained unit with a subject line, image with alt text and a description.
The header contains an <h1> heading which is used to indicate the subject. Note the use of a styled <q> tag for the quote.
The <img> tag has alt text for further description.
The figcaption is used to describe the image content for both the human visitors and the search engine spiders.
The <i> and <b> tags can be used to provide distinction and emphasis. They can have inline styles as illustrated below.
Individual words or phrases can be italic to indicate a technical term, foreign word and so on.
Use bold to draw attention to certain words.
The widget settings allow for styling hyperlinks for color, hover color and text decoration.

Widget Settings

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