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Expand Image In Four Directions

The image can expand on hover in a choice of four directions - up right, down right, up left and down left.
It uses a single image rather than an image and thumbnail. The portion of the image shown in the widget is adjustable by applying horizontal and vertical positioning.
The image is contained in a figure element to allow a figcaption.
This, along with the alt text, makes for good SEO since the spiders know that the caption is related to the image.
Another advantage of this widget is that it will work on mobile devices using click to expand/contract.

Widget Settings

Hover  Caption Image Expand four directions
Hover Enlarge

Widget Settings

The widget settings are straightforward and the only ones that need explaining arethose for adjusting the portion of the large image which is to be displayed prior to hover - or click on mobile devices.
Increasing the value for horizontal will move the displayed portion to the right inside the image. Increasing the vertical value will move it downwards.
Note: If the expanded image size is changed at some point, the horizontal and vertical settings will need to be changed too. The image width should be equal to or less than the screen width when used on a web site for mobile devices.

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