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This is a space saving widget which can accommodate a summary with turn arrow and an image with caption, description and alt text.
The widget settings are shown in the screenshots below.
The element can be styled with contrasting background color and a corner radius if required to give it visual separation from the rest of the page content.
The widget settings include a checkbox for causing the details element to be open on page load if required.
Make sure the widget is brought to the front using the Arrange menu before publishing so that it appears above any other content when expanded.
NOTE: The widget is set by default to have the details element open. This is so that the contents can be seen in the EverWeb design canvas for styling. Uncheck the box to have the element closed on page load before publishing.

Image Alt Text
Image Caption

This widget has been styled and set to be open on page load.

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Image Alt Text
Image Caption

The image is enclosed in the details element along with the summary, alt text, caption and descriptive paragraph.
This allows the search engine spiders to relate the text to the imagine for superior results.

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