EverWeb Widgets HTML5

Insert Images Using HTML5 Structural Elements

These widgets use some of the HTML5 structural elements to help create more meaning to the items from the point of view of the search engine spiders.

They allow the insertion of a full width image into the article, aside, section, figure with figcaption, fieldset and details with summary elements.

Other widgets include image rotate with overlay caption, image with overlay caption on page load, hover or click and an image enlarge in a choice of four directions.

HTML5 Article Image Heading Footer
HTML5 Aside Image Heading Caption
HTML5 Fieldset Legend Image Text
Hover Enlarge Image Caption
HTML5 Details Image Caption Description
Hide Show Image Caption On Hover
HTML5 Section Image Caption Heading Text
HTML5 figure Image Heading Caption
Hide Show Image Caption On CLick

A widget for use on the mobile version of the website with a summary & turn arrow and an image with caption, description and alt text.

Insert an image with a styled caption which can appear on page load or on hover.

An HTML5 article element with heading, full width image, alt text, caption, descriptive text & footer.

A fieldset with legend, image, alt text and description text.

An HTML5 section element with heading, full width image, alt text, caption & descriptive text.

Show/hide a styled image caption on click. Use on mobile websites instead of hover.

An HTML5 aside element with heading, full width image, alt text, caption & descriptive text.

Hover enlarge an image with overlay caption in a choice of four directions.

The best possible SEO for an image with subject, alt text and description contained in a figure element.

HTML5 figure caption alt text link

HTML5 figure element with image, styled caption, alt text and hyperlink to open in a new window if required.

NOTE: As of EverWeb  V1.7, images can be inserted using the <img> tag and alt text added via the Shape Options inspector. However, most images should have a descriptive caption in the same container as the image itself so that the search engine spiders will know that the caption relates to the image.

The Image Figcaption widget inserts an image - along with alt text and figcaption - in a figure element and allows some visual separation using padding and a box shadow. Using it - rather than just dragging images onto the design canvas - will produce far better results in the search engines and a better viewing experience for the visitors.


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