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Auto Column Text Wrap Image

Auto Column Wrap Text Image Widget

Auto Column Wrap

This widget creates self balancing columns with text wrap around an image.
There is provision for a heading, two paragraphs and an image with alt text and caption.
The widget allows the use of a non websafe font with a choice of web safes fallback fonts.
The columns can be adjusted for column count column gap, rule width and rule color. Set the rule width to zero if it is not required.
The heading can be hidden if not required.
The image appears in the middle of the two paragraphs. If it is required at the begining of the content, hide the first paragraph and use the second one.

Column Wrap Widget

The image is contained in a figure element along with a figcaption and alt text for superior SEO. It can be floated left or right and its width is set using a slider and a percentage value to make it easy to balance its width in relation to the text in the column.
The text wrap around the image is controlled by a balance of the use of the image width control and the line height setting.
The widget has a setting for box shadow radius and color to allow separation from the rest of the page content if required.
See below for how to set hyperlinks and style them.

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Auto Column text wrap image widget
Column Wrap Widget
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