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Fieldset Image Text Wrap

FIeldset Wrap Text Image Widget
Fieldset Text Wrap
Fieldset Wrap Widget
Fieldset Wrap

This is an HTML5 section element with text wrapping around an image.
The text and image are enclosed in a fieldset with legend.
The fieldset can be styled for width, border style, color and corner radius.
The legend can a have its own font size and color. It can be aligned left, center or right. The left and right margin adjustment moves the legend in relation to the left or right edge.
The padding adjustment changes the width of the white space between the legend text and the fieldset border.
The widget can use a non web safe font and has a choice of web safe fallback fonts.
The image is contained in a figure element with a figcation. The caption and the image alt text are used together to describe the image content for the search engine spiders.
The image width uses a percentage value for easy adjustment in relation to the text content. Use this, along with the line height adjustment, to fine tune the way in which the text wraps around the image.

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Fieldset text wrap image widget
Fieldset Wrap Widget
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