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Auto Column HTML5 Section Widget

Auto Column Widget

This widget creates auto columns inside an HTML5 section element.
The HTML consists of an <h1> heading and a paragraph.
The heading can be omitted if it is not required. It has options for color, font size, text align and bottom padding. The padding control is used to increase/decrease the distance between the heading and the rest of the text content
As the text is entered into the paragraph element, it will automatically adjust itself by flowing to fill the selected number of columns evenly.
The font family can be non web safe if necessary and their is a control to add a websafe fallback font in case the visitors device doesn't have that particular font installed.
The columns are styled as follows…
Enter the number of columns required and the gap between them.
If a rule is not required, set the width to zero. Otherwise choose a width, type and color.

As can be seen from the widget settings, there is an option for styling hyperlinks.
The links can be styled for color, hover color and text decoration. The options for the latter are none, underline and line-through. Links are inserted into the text box using HTML like this...

<a href="page-name.html">Link Text</a>

If the linked page is to open in a new window, use this...

<a href="page-name.html" target="_blank">Link Text</a>

See the sidebar below for more info about creating hyperlinks.

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