EverWeb Widgets HTML5

Insert Text Using HTML5 Structural Elements

These widgets use some of the HTML5 structural elements to help create more meaning to the items from the point of view of the search engine spiders.

They are used to insert text into the article, aside, auto column, fieldset and section elements with styled headings. The details element has two versions - one for text and another for a drop down list.

Create HTML headings with a choice of web safe, non web safe fonts with fallback and generic group or Google hosted fonts.

HTML5 Heading Widget

Create a self contained article with styled header and footer and text content.

An HTML5 aside with styled header, text content and hyperlink style options.

An HTML5 section element with auto leveling, styled columns.

An HTML5 fieldset with legend, text content and variable fieldset styles.

A details element with summary and turn arrow to open and close a list.

A details element with summary and turn arrow to open and close text content.

The all important HTML5 section with styled header, hyperlinks and text content.

HTML5 Article Text Widget
HTML5 Aside Text Heading Widget
Auto Column HTML5 Section Widget
HTML5 Fieldset Legend Text Content
details element  list
HTML5 Details Text Widget
HTML5 Section Text Widget
HTML5 List Widget

Create styled lists in the article, aside or section element.

Create curved or circular text. The text is in an HTML heading tag which is contained in an HTML5 article element.

Curved Text Widget


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