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NOTE: These widgets are for use with EverWeb Web Design Software V1.4 and up.

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HTML5 Text & Wrap Widgets

HTML5 text and text wrap image EverWeb widgets
Widgets for inserting text, columns, lists and text wrap around image.
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HTML5 Image Insert Widgets

HTML5 image EverWeb widgets
Widgets for inserting images into various types of HTML5 containers.
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Navigation Widgets

Navigation, link, button, social media & anchor EverWeb widgets
Alternate navigation widgets for both traditional & mobile sites and internal anchor widgets.
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Media & Modal Widgets

HTML5 media and modal EverWeb widgets
Widgets to insert slideshows, video & audio players and modals in HTML5 elements with title and description for superior SEO.

Animation Widgets

EverWeb Animation widgets
CSS3 animations to add some dynamics to a web page.
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Miscellaneous Widgets

Miscellaneous EverWeb widgets
Transparent section, Q & A FAQ, multi colored background gradients, text and image rotate, sticky social media buttons, smooth rollover button, sticky header, back to the top, a static progress bar, a single, double or triple line and a timed popup overlay.
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Installation & Use

Please refer to the page about Installing and Using the widgets and to the individual pages about each widget before using it.
Most user problems stem from not reading the instructions!

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More Miscellaneous Widgets

Miscellaneous EverWeb widgets
Slideout social media links, image column grid, sticky go top arrow, go back button, close nav on mobile devices, text, iframe and PDF modals, CTA button link, a date & time widget, an image insert with alt text and HTML5 figcaption and a full width shape for headers & footers.
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EZ Widgets

EverWeb EZ widgets
Content slider, sliding tabs, accordion, photogrids, tooltips and animated zoom the easy way.
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Icon Link Widgets

EverWeb Icon Hyperlink widgets
Choose from 500 icons to create buttons, pads and tabs. Link options to internal or external files and open in new window. Background transparency option for a modern web design look.

Icon Navigation Widgets

EverWeb Icon Navigation widgets
Choose from 500 icons to create horizontal, vertical and click to drop down navigation menus. Link options to internal or external files and open in new window. Background transparency option.
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3D & Drop Shadow Widgets

EverWeb 3D & Drop Shadow Frame widgets
These widgets create a 3D effect around images and other objects using CSS box shadows.
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