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External Arrows & Swipe Navigation

The navigation arrows for this slideshow are outside of the actual slider. This is a feature requested by those who don't want their images to be covered in any way.

The image title and description are added as data attributes in the code so that they, along with the alt text, allow for a full text description of each image for the search engine spiders.

When the slideshow is viewed on a PC, navigation is via the directional arrows. When viewed on a mobile device such as an iPad or iPhone, the arrows disappear to be replaced by finger swiping.

Note: Due to a limitations of EverWeb's code insertion, the "external" arrows don't show on the design canvas. Allow about 35px on either side when positioning the slideshow on the page.

Images for any slideshow should be optimized for size and given suitable file names before dragging them from the Finder into the widget's Assets list.

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