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Fullscreen or Swipe With Captions

This is an experimental slider that uses the HTML5 Fullscreen API to give an option of displaying it fullscreen in modern browsers which support this function. Use it at your own risk!
Each slide is contained in an HTML5 figure element so that it can have a related caption using the figcaption element. This, along with the alt text attribute for each image, makes for extremely good SEO.
Fullscreen does not work on mobile devices so the function can be turned off and swipe selected for use on tablets and smart phones.
Captions can be turned off for the whole slideshow if not required.

Widget Settings

All the images should be the same size with an aspect ratio and quality suitable for fullscreen viewing.
Prepare the images in a Finder folder, select them all and drag them onto the assets list box in the widget settings.
Highlight each image in turn and enter the caption and alt text in the boxes provided.
Set the caption font family, size, color and background color opacity.
If the slider is part of a website designed to be viewed on computers, select "Fullscreen" but leave "Swipe" deselected.
For mobile use, deselect "Fullscreen" and check the box next to "Swipe".
If captions aren't required, uncheck the box next to "Show Captions".

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