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Selling Songs On The Internet

The Independent Musician's Guide to selling songs on the internet.
How to prepare and upload your songs for digital distribution via iTunes and other music retail websites.
Sell songs on your website and set up digital delivery.


Vimeo is far superior to YouTube for hosting videos - even with the free account. This widget allows a Vimeo video to be inserted along with an HTML heading for the movie title and descriptive text for both the surfers and the search engine spiders.
NOTE that the URL for the video must follow the same format as the example shown in the widget settings.
One of the many advantages that Vimeo has over its rival is that there is an option to set a poster image - rather than just show the first frame of the movie like YouTube does. The widget settings has a checkbox for this option and one for autoplay.
Autoplaying movies, music and slideshows is NOT a good idea on any website but the function is useful on occasion and can be used in EverWeb to check that the soundtrack is functioning before publishing.
Vimeo also allows the primary color for the controls to set so there is a box in the widget settings for a hex color number. Some of the more common colors are shown in the table. Learn more about Hex Color Numbers and how to find and use them.

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