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Scotland's Version of the Eiger Glencoe In Winter The Basaltic Columns on the Island of Staffa There are some sunny days in Scotland!

Vanishing Arrows

This slider is all purpose with good SEO results due to the fact that the captions are derived from the alt text attribute. Note that captions must be used since an image without alt text is invisible to the search engine spiders.
When the slideshow is viewed on a PC, navigation is via the directional arrows. When viewed on a mobile device such as an iPad or iPhone, the arrows disappear and navigation is achieved using finger swiping.
This vanishing act is achieved using media queries. Test this out by grabbing the browser by the left hand edge and reducing its width. The navigation buttons disappear when the viewport is reduced to the width of an iPad in portrait mode.
Images for any slideshow should be optimized for size and given suitable file names before dragging them from the Finder into the widget's Assets list.

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