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This widget fills the need for an image gallery which will open from a text hyperlink. Each gallery is given a unique ID so that several of these can be used on one page for displaying products.
The gallery uses the Colorbox jQuery plugin which is simple and lightweight.
The images are displayed in a lightbox slideshow and the opacity of the background can be set to zero if needed so that the web page content is always in view.
The images are created as a simple list of links which are then grouped by having a common ID name or number.
This MUST be applied to every image in a particular gallery.

Click HERE to open the gallery.

Image Gallery Text Hyperlink Widget
Image Gallery Text Hyperlink Widget

Widget Settings

The first image link is contained in a paragraph which consistes of the text and the link to open the gallery.
Enter the pre link text, link text and any post text.
Choose the font family and set its size, color and the hyperlink color.
Choose the first image, enter a caption if required and the gallery ID.
Select the rest of the images or drag them together onto the Assets List in the widget settings from a Finder folder.
Highlight each image file in turn and enter a caption if required and the gallery ID name/number.
Choose a transition type. Note that the "elastic" transition is only effective if the images have different size or aspect ratio.
Set the transition speed in tenths of a second.
The lightbox background opacity can be varied from black down to zero.
The "Max Width" setting is used to control the overall size of the gallery when using images of mixed dimensions and aspect ratio.

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