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Vimeo YouTube Video Box

Vimeo & YouTube SEO

Vimeo and YouTube movies are embeded in a web page using an iframe. From the point of view of the search engines, this might as well be a blank space!
To leverage some information about a video - for both humans and spiders - requires a little more than a bare iframe or video tag.
This widget allows Vimeo and YouTube movies to be inserted with an HTML heading and text description.
The video is launched in a lightbox window when the thumbnail image is clicked.
The descriptive text wraps around the image whose percentage width can be varied from small to full width.
The lightbox background opacity can be varied from zero to black so that the movie can be displayed with all or none of the web page content in view and anywhere in between.

YouTube Gallery Widget

Video Title

The thumbnail link to the video file, the title and description are all contained in an HTML5 article element. This means that the search engine spiders will see a heading, descriptive text and an image with alt text all grouped together and related to each other.


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Complex features can be implemented without the need for a knowledge of code due to the availability of well over 200 widgets.

Video URLs

The video URL must be of the correct format and should look like these examples...


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