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Vimeo YouTube Modal

Vimeo YouTube Modal Window Title Description

Open Vimeo or YouTube In A Modal Window

Opening a movie in a modal window allows the visitor to focus on the content without being distracted by the rest of the page content.
This widget allows the Vimeo or YouTube video to open from a text or image hyperlink. The image can have alt text and a caption for good SEO.
The widget also allows the insertion of the movie title and a text description which is displayed in the modal along with the movie. This makes for far better SEO and also gives visitors more info about the movie content.

Open VImeo Video Modal Window
Click To Open Vimeo Video

Click the link to open a YouTube video in a modal window with movie title and description.

Widget Settings

Vimeo YouTube Modal Widget
Vimeo & YouTube Modal

Video URLs

Creating the image or text hyperlink is pretty much the same as for the other modal widgets.
The modal window has the movie title at the top right and the description at the bottom of the video container. The background opacity can be adjusted to show as much or as little of the parent web page as required.
Note that the video file paths must be in the same format as those shown below…



… otherwise the widget will not work as planned.
The videos will autoplay when loaded in the modal window when viewed on a computer. They won't when viewed on an iPad due to the fact that iOS does not allow autoplay.

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