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YouTube Video Lightbox Gallery Widget
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The videos are launched in a lightbox window by clicking a thumbnail
The gallery can accomodate from three to eight video thumbnails.
The thumbs can be arranged any which way by varying the width of the container. For example, the widget can be sized to 160px wide and the thumbs will arrange themselves as a column so that text boxes with a full video description can be placed next to each one.
Each thumb can have a descriptive title and the thumbnail container has the option for a figcaption and a box shadow.
The lighbox background opacity can be varied from zero to black.

Video Size & URL

For obvious reasons, all the videos should have the same width and height or, at least, the same aspect ratio.
The URL can be obtained by launching any YouTube movie in Safari and control (right) clicking it.
Choose "Get video URL" from the popup and copy it.

Get YouTube Video URL
Copy YouTube URL
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