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Styled "Go Back" Button

A "Go Back" button is useful for placing on a page where it may be necessary for the vistor to refer to the previous page for related information.
It can also be used to return to the original page when a visitor has been sent to another one for additional info. This is far better than opening the page in a new window since new windows should be avoid unless absolutely necessary.

It should be noted that a "Go Back" button is different from a previous page button which sends the visitor to the page which precedes the current one in the navigation menu.

The button shown below uses the HTML5 button tag and is styled using CSS so that no images are required. This makes it also suitable for the mobile version of the website if this feature is required.

Widget Settings

As can be seen from the screenshot of the widget settings to the right, the button text is entered and then styled for font family, size, color and background color.
The button width is adjusted using a drag handle or the Metrics inspector. The height is adjusted using the value for top/bottom padding. For use as a CTA on a mobile website the button should be at least 30px high.
The button can have a box shadow if required and can also be styled for font color and background color on hover. These colors can be set to the same as the normal colors for mobile use since hover is not supported.

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Widget Settings

Go Back Button widget
Go Back Button