EverWeb Widgets HTML5

More Miscellaneous Widgets

These are user requested widgets which don't fall into any obvious category. They will be added to from time to time.

Insert random sized images into columns with alt text and captions.

Social Media Links Slideout Widget

Tap or click to open/close links to social media or other sites with optional open in new window links.

Sticky smooth scroll top arrow

Sticky smooth scroll to the top of the page arrow with animation timing & adjustable positioning.

Go Back To Previous Page Button

A styled HTML5 button for returning a visitor to the previously viewed page.

nav menu drop down close Widget

Modify the EverWeb navigation drop downs to close on click on mobile devices.

Open a text block with heading in a modal window from a text or image hyperlink.

Text content modal window

Open an iframe in a modal window from a text or image hyperlink.

Open an PDF in a modal window from a text or image hyperlink.

Open iframe modal window
Open PDF Modal Window

Simple styled CTA button hyperlink with option to open in a new window.

CTA Button Hyperlink
Date Time Widget

Display either the date or the time - or both.

Image Figcaption

This is an essential widget for any website for inserting an image with a descriptive caption for both the surfers & the spiders.

Create a full width responsive header with background color gradient option and variable gradient angle.

Full width inset rectangle
Image Columns


The widgets on this site are not compatible with HTTPS Secure websites.
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