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PDF Modal Widget

Open A PDF In A Modal Window

Just like the other widgets in the Modal section, this one can open from a text or an image hyperlink.
Opening a PDF in a modal like this is useful for allowing visitors to view the PDF without having to leave the page or the website.
The PDF title can be added to the modal window if required as can be seen in the example on this page.
The overlay opacity can be varied so that as much - or as little - of the web page can shown in the background as required.

The box for entering the URL to the PDF can be used for various types of links. It can be a relative path to a file on your own server or an absolute file path to a PDF on another server. Find out more about file paths.

The third type of link can be one to a PDF dragged into the EverWeb Assets list.
Note that the file will appear in the Images list rather the the llist of files.
To link to this file, find it in the list of images, control (right) click it to copy the relative file path and then paste this in to the URL box in the widget settings.

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PDF Downloads

To allow visitors to actually download the PDF to their desktop it's necessary to create a ZIP file.
This can be done by selecting it in the Finder and then choosing "Compress" from the File menu.
A better way is to create a Windows compatible ZIP file using the freeware YemuZip.
Drag this into the Assets list and create a text or image hyperlink to it using the Link inspector.
A better way is to use a CTA button like the one shown below which uses the Button Link widget.

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