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Hyperlink Settings

Text Modal Widget

The Hyperlink

Check the box for an image link, choose the image and set it to the required size using the drag handles or the Metrics inspector.
Enter alt text and the caption and set the box shadow color and radius if required.
For a text link, check the box and enter the pre link text, link text, choose the link color and enter any post link text.
For either type of link, enter the font family, choose a suitable fallback font and set the font size, color, text align and line height.

The Modal

The screenshot to the right shows the widget settings for the modal window.
Enter the heading and set the window width.
Enter the font family and select a suitable fallback font.
Set the heading font size color and text alignment.
Set the modal background color.
Enter the modal text using line breaks
where appropriate. Set the paragraph font size, text align and line height.
Adjust the modal overlay opacity.

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Modal Settings

Text Modal Widget