EverWeb Widgets HTML5

Miscellaneous Widgets

Thes are user requested widgets which don't fall into any obvious category. They will be added to from time to time.

Sticky Social Media Button Widget

Stick a number of social media links to the edge of the browser window - either left or right.

Smooth rollover image button hyperlink with adjustable adjustable transition time.

Smooth Rollover Image Button Hyperlink
Sticky Fixed Header Widget

Create a header which always remains in view when the page content is scrolled.

Sticky smooth scroll top button

Sticky smooth scroll to the top of the page button with animation timing & adjustable positioning.

Question and Answer FAQ widget

Question and answer with click to open and close. One answer closes as the other opens.

Transparent HTML5 Section Widget

A transparent HTML5 section element for inserting text over a full sized responsive background image.

Background Color Gradient Widget

Create multi colored background shapes with variable gradient angles using CSS.

Rotate a styled HTML heading to any angle using the CSS transform property.

Text Rotate Widget
Progress Bar Widget

HTML5 static progress bar for use in questionaires and anywhere a visual indication of progress is required.

Image Caption Rotate

Rotate and image with caption to any angle. Position the caption anywhere inside the image.

Content Break Widget

Styled HTML5 theme or content break element for a horizontal single, double or triple line effect.


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