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Question and answer setups come in many varieties. This one differs from most in that it uses the HTML5 detais list to enclose a group of related questions and answers.
This makes for far better search engine results since the spiders see all the contents of this single element as being related.
NOTE: Bring the widget to the front using the Arrange menu before publishing. When stacking widgets one above the other, bring the lower ones to the front first.


Hyperlinks can be inserted into the text using HTML like this…

<a href="page-name.html">Link Text</a>

If the linked page is to open in a new window, use this...

<a href="page-name.html" target="_blank">Link Text</a>

How many questions & answers can I have?
Each widget can accomodate from one to six questions and answers.
What happens if I need more?
Use another widget. It's a good idea to divide questions into categories - each with their own HTML heading.
How do I style the separator?
The separator is basically a CSS bottom border and can styled for width, border style and color. Set the border width to zero if the separator isn't needed.
What is the structure of this widget?
The widget uses an HTML5 description list - <dl>. Each question is contained in a <dt> tag and the answer in a corresponding <dd> tag.
How is this better for SEO?
If questions that are all related to the same subject are grouped in a description list, the search engine spiders will place more relevance on the content as a whole than they would if the questions and answers were in separate containers.
How does one answer close as another is opened?
The widget uses a jQuery accordion plugin. If there a are several widgets on the page, opening an answer in one will close the previously opened answer in another.

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